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CSE 230: Introduction to C++ Programming [Spring 2012]

Course webpage:

Introduction to programming in C++ and object-oriented programming; encapsulation using classes, inheritance, etc. The objective of this course is to:

  • Be familiar with concepts of object-oriented programming and abstraction mechanisms.

  • Master the concepts of classes, member functions and variables, constructors, destrctors, inheritence, and access mechanisms.

  • Master the concepts of prototype functions, functions, parameters, return values, overloading, and operators.

  • Be familiar with control structures, dynamic memory allocation, arrays, and pointers.

CSE 459.23 : Programming in Java [Winter 2012]

Course webpage:

Elementary language constructs of Java for students who are well versed in programming. The aim of this course is for students to:

  • Master using basic Java constructs.

  • Be familiar with using simple parts of the Java core packages.

  • Be familiar with using interfaces, inheritance.

  • Be familiar with using Java collections (sets, lists, maps).

  • Be exposed to nested classes; garbage collection.

  • Be exposed to exceptions, Swing, and Java networking facilities.

  • Be exposed to Java documentation.

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